Community and Culture (Part One: Community)

When we talk of “community” and of “culture,” we’re doing more than just throwing out buzzwords. We’re reminding ourselves of the truth of how God is bringing his Cosmic Redemption to bear in us and in Hope Presbyterian. Here’s what I mean…

COMMUNITY. God himself is a community, a Trinity, existing in perfect unity and diversity, in love and in harmony. And God created mankind to be a part of that community. To commune with himself and with one another. Unfortunately, sin shattered that community. Where there should be closeness, there is distance. Where there should be love, there is hatred. Where there should be union with our creator, sin brings division, even judgment.

Jesus, however, has come to change that. He’s lived, died and risen to renew mankind to the way God meant things to be. He’s restoring community. The Bible says that by faith in Christ, we might be relationally restored to God. That’s the word of the Gospel IN US. Jesus removing division and uniting us to God

And by virtue of God’s work in us, our earthly community can be restored as well. God works AMONG US. When God’s people get together in ways that are redemptive, honest, and missional, we see a glimpse of the Heavenly Kingdom and evidence of that Kingdom expanding on earth. When people get together to eat, talk, pray, celebrate, mourn, and gather around God’s Word, we’re seeing the restoration of community happening in our midst.

But there’s more too. Because not only does God work IN and AMONG us to restore community, He also works THROUGH us. He uses the honest, redemptive community of His Church to accomplish his Mission in the world. To change hearts, lives, and places.

HOPE COMMUNITY GROUPS. In a desire to see God work his communal restoration in, among, and through us, we’ve organized into what we call Community Groups. Community Groups are groups of 10-20 people meeting in homes throughout New Braunfels for fellowship, encouragement, Bible discussion, and service. They are pathways toward deepening friendships, Spiritual growth, and service involvement. IN, AMONG, and THROUGH. It’s our hope and prayer that by belonging to a community group, you’ll be able to connect in all of these ways. If you haven't already, I encourage you to sign up for a community group. I think you’ll be happy you did.

And check back next week as we take a closer look at that second word… “culture.”

Until then,