Community and Culture (Part Two: Culture)

Community and Culture have more in common that the same beginning constant—they actually are part and parcel with one another. Last week we focused on the communal nature of God’s restored creation, and we highlighted one area (Community Groups) where Hope is focused on building that redeemed community. But individual communities—both those inside and out of the church—have particular “flavors.” What does a community value? What are the marks of that community? If you cut it, does it “bleed” something particular?

At Hope, we use “culture words” to describe how we want our particular community to look, feel, sound, and act. We want a similar “culture” to permeate all that we do, be that a worship service, a party, a community group, or a mission opportunity. To put it another way, if someone were to experience the community life of Hope Presbyterian, what would they say it was like?

Here are a few words to chew on for the next week. We’ll go through these in more detail in the future, but for now, ask yourself, “how do I see these elements of our culture at work in our community (whether that’s the whole of the church body or your community group)? Which of these is strongest? Which is weakest? How can we see this kind of culture take deeper root?

Culture Words:

  1. Belonging

  2. Humility

  3. Friendship

  4. Honesty

  5. Beauty