To get a feel for Hope, you can watch this three-minute video about who we are and why we are here.

Hope Presbyterian is a church built on the core message of historic Christianity and is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. We are a church that loves to see the Gospel take root in, among, and through those connected to our church. We hope we're building a culture of welcome and belonging, of honesty and grace, and of warmth and friendship.

For more about what we believe, see the following:

We gather for worship every Sunday at 10 at Goodwin Frazier Elementary and in small groups throughout the week.


  1. Everyone Needs Jesus

  2. Our Place Matters

  3. Truth, Experienced in Community, Produces Change

  4. We Move Toward People

  5. Worship Should be Rooted and Accessible

  6. Worship Should be Expressive and Formative