Connect with God and Others

We all have an imbedded need to connect with God and with each other, but most of us would probably describe our lives as busy, distracted, and disconnected. So we want to help connect you—to Jesus, to each other, and to your neighbors. Come join us Sundays at 10am, at Goodwin-Frazier Elementary School. You’ll learn from God’s Word and enjoy His people, and enjoy the blessing of a more connected life.


Connect to Jesus

We gather every Sunday at 10am at Goodwin Frazier Elementary School to sing of God’s goodness, confess our failings, proclaim the Good News, learn from God’s Word, and be fed from God’s Table.

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Connect to each other

We need one another. Community is embedded in our souls. We’re trying to cut through the empty platitudes of “busy” and “fine” and get to something real. We’d love for you to be a part of it.

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Connect to your neighbors

Want to be a part of something larger than yourself? We do too. There’s lots going on in the life of Hope, and much of it is outward. Our “Monday Minute” video blog will keep you up to date on all of it.  

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Made for Worship

Each Sunday we ask God to tune our heats and our voices to praise Him. As we gather around His Word and Table, we tell the story of His grace and majesty, sing songs old and new (with a distinctive ‘New Braunfels’ sound), and invite our friends and neighbors to join us.


“The Gospel isn’t good advice about what to do to get right with God—it’s the good news that Jesus has done it for you.”


Where Old and New Meet

New Braunfels is an old town. Within the city limits, you’ll find Texas’ oldest dance hall, oldest bakery, and oldest hardware store. But it’s also growing quickly—like second-fastest-growing-city-in-the-nation quickly. We love this combination, and if you’re just moving to New Braunfels, we think you will too.